Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome to Israel. The first thing that struck me was how modern the airport was. I don't know what, exactly, i was expecting, but it was nothing like this. Perhaps one of the most modern airports i have ever seen. A beautiful arrival hall. Everyone and everything is in Hebrew, but everyone speaks perfect English. We get through passport control and customs without a hitch. They want to know the flight number you are on but after that no one asks us anything. We are met by one of Harry's friends out side of customs. It is like Harry has not seen him in years. Jerry is an avionics engineer and he and Harry met in Fort Worth when he lived there for two years. We stop and get a cell phone (can't live with out that apparantly-i tried to put a sim card in the one i brought,but it did not work. ) Then off to the car and on to Jerusalem. Modern life in Israel is astonishing. If you realize that in 1948 Israel became a state and from then on has had to defend it self, you wonder how they could have possibly built a world class road and rail system. and just like the rest of the world there is traffic...even at night. But we got through that. Coming into Jerusalem in the evening is beautiful. The city sparkles like the jewel it is. People are walking everywhere. Before we go to the hotel we stop by the Kenesset (Israel's seat of government. ) We try and drive up there, but we are turned back. So we get out of the car and walk. there is a beautiful garden with a large menorah with the inscription in Hebrew "Hear O Israel" -Javier, i could actually read it. Then across the street is this beautiful building, the Kenesset. We could not go in as it was late. The security guard stopped us and simply asked if we had any weapons. Everyone keeps asking us that, it must be our terrorist looks.

From there we went to the Treasury and tried to find the supreme court but we couldn't. It is striking how many people here are walking. Eating ice cream, holding hands, just walking. Very calming.

Now off to the hotel. We check in and go up to the room to drop our stuff. The clerk downstairs told us we got an upgrade, well if that is true I sure don't want to see the smaller rooms. But it has a nice view out of the window.

We then go downstairs and Jerry is waiting and has a map to show us where we are and we we should go in the morning. It looks like we are going to the Hadassah hospital first and then off to the Holocaust Memorial (one of my must sees). Then in the afternoon the old city unless the friend of one of Harry's friends meets us and then our plans could very well change, which is find by me, afterall, this is an adventure.

We can walk to the old city from here and fully intend to do so. Rabbi has also given me some important things to see. I will try and get those in as well.

Well, back to sleep now so i can work out in the morning. I weighed my self before i left and i want to come back thinner. I am a bit worried about breakfast as it is suppose to be terrific. Funny how food always get into my thoughts. It really could be just like Sid said when asked what his favorite meal was his last one. And the corollary is that his next favorite meal is the one that is coming up.


  1. Well, welcome to Israel. Your ears must be burning as we are talking about you in ft. Worth. The blogs are so descriptive and interesting. Rain has cleared here and it is muggy, balmy, and t-shirt weather. Take care, you are missed in Texas.

  2. Dad, you are on an awesome adventure. Hope you are taking lots of pictures.

  3. Rich, thank you for the reminders of our trip to Israel. You have a way with words and we're enjoying the adventure with you!

    Have a Happy Birthday in Isreal!
    Andy & Suzanne, Chase & Jazzy