Friday, October 9, 2009

Tomorrow is the last Shabbat before our trip. Today Javier called and offered me an Alyia which, of course, I accepted. I know it will be different this Shabbat, as i prepare myself for the trip. I just know that the prayers will be more meaningful, and this Shabbat is Simchat Torah. (By the way, i know i can't spell, so you call all get a laugh, especially when I try and spell Jewish words. I also know I can't type, so you can now guess which one I failed at.)

All of the well wishes we have received over the past week are delightful. People are genuinely excited about our chance to explore Israel.

Harry is getting more excited by the day. You can hear it in his voice. I have got to tell you guys about Harry, my traveling partner. Harry was born in Germany before World War II and was able to escape with his family to America. Great story about how that happened, but that will wait for another day. He grew up in Chicago, went into the Army, and eventually was in the meat packing business. Harry trained people in the Army on how to survive in the mountains, and how to ride horses and pack mules.

Harry was a tough but fair guy in business. Successfully running meat packing plants and raising his family with his wonderful wife Doris. While Harry comes across as tough as nails, he really is one of the kindest and most generous people i have ever met. His love of life, his family, and his Shul are at a level of a real man. I have few people I look up to in this world (probably 2 other living people) and Harry is one. Self made, Harry expects us to do our best and is willing to jump in to make us do that.

Well, just 4 more days and we are off in the big silver bird in the sky. I hope I get better at this blogging.



  1. Rich,
    Thanks for being my Dad's traveling partner. I know that he's been looking forward to this for some time now.
    I look forward to seeing pictures of you guys on your adventures.
    Thanks again,
    Alan Kahn

  2. Alan, it really is my honor. To see the joy in your dads face makes me so happy. It is like being able to see it in my dad who we lost 35 years ago.