Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halfway There

We left yesterday from DFW and are now at Frankfurt airport Admirals club. Nice Club. I actually got quite a bit of sleep on the plane. We got to see the sun rise over Europe as we were coming into Frankfurt. The brilliant reds this morning helped light the was as we landed. The lights over Ireland, Britain, Belgium, and Germany were beautiful as they twinkled. Each little town and city had their ring road. As I have studied much history in my life it is fun to see the names of the cities on the map as we flew over them. Some of them involved in major battles in World War Two, some of them just wonderful places to visit.

Well, in just 5 hours we will be on El Al heading toward Tel Aviv. Harry has a wonderful trip planned for us. We get to spend a Friday night dinner with one of Harry's friends. The Rabbi has given us special places we must visit and apperantly Hadassah Hospital is a can't miss. Quite honestly, i am just as interested in walking about the country, see people, getting the pulse of the country and smelling the history.

But the adventure has begun. Pretty good food on the airplane, or as Harry says, good for airplane food. Harry had a congac for one of his friends (lou barnett) and i have not had a diet coke yet on the trip. But they do have neat little bottles here in the Admirals Club.

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  1. Rich and Harry,
    Glad that you are in route for a fabulous week in Israel. Coffee will not be the same without you two at Yogi's and/or McDonalds. I am sure, though, that our stays for coffee will be somewhat shorter in time for the coming week without Harry's insertions of his experiences and insights of his past worldly travels(some of which I did not know existed) conversation. Of course, I will miss the history lessons that only come about first hand by experience. You two will be missed. Hope that you have a week of great food, sites, friends, each others company, and a fabulous adventure of travel in good health.
    Best to you both,
    Marvin Beleck